Day 7

For some reason I am at a loss for words. I think tiredness and an overwhelming feeling of information overload is occurring. They told us this would happen, probably in the first four weeks. My body is still getting used to standing all day and the fast pace of a kitchen. And my brain is expanding many sizes too big.

In just three days we have moved from soups to cold sauces (mayonnaise) to breads to sandwiches to mother sauces. Oh, and throw in omelettes, eggs, hors d’oeuvres and canapés. 

The repertoire of food I am learning is enormous. Amazingly enough this information doesn’t seem to sift out of me like biochemistry or physics. Cooking is practical. The multiple, simple steps that make up a product of complexity align in my brain like glutenin and gliadin- the two proteins that line up to make gluten. In saying that I just spewed out some biochemistry. Applicable science, isn’t it great?