Fish and Foodies

This week has been fishy! One advantage of being on the west coast is that there is an abundance of fresh fish. Clams, mussels, scallops, prawns, sole, rock fish, trout and salmon have all been on the menu. Oh and lobster. But, unlike before I now know there is no such thing as a Pacific lobster. It’s shipped all the way from the Atlantic. So, eat salmon when you’re out here and lobster when you’re on the east coast. 

Even though I grew up going fishing with my grandparents, I never made it to the stage where I learned how to gut and filet a fish. I watched it happen many times. Now I’ve done it all and have had fishy smelling hands all week to prove it! 

Another activity I’ve been participating in is the Serious Foodies Class. It’s a culinary basics course taught to the general public in the evening by Chef Tony. As professional culinary students we can volunteer to help out. Usually they are learning skills we have already been taught so it is a great way to reinforce what is already in our heads. I find that when I learn a new cooking technique trying it again at home helps me remember it. Teaching and explaining that new technique to someone is just another step closer to mastering it.