Our Flour Mill

The Stone Grain Mill

We grind flour using a grain mill from an Austrian Company—Osttiroler Getreidemühlen. These mills are handcrafted and have been awarded with excellence and quality in Germany.

Why Stone-ground?

Stone grain mills grind grains slower and with less heat than roller mills (the kind of mill that grinds your typical white flour from the grocery store). Less heat means the volatile oils and vitamins in the grain are not affected as much and will more likely make it into your flour without completely oxidizing.

Unlike roller mills that pop the germ and bran right off the endosperm (the part that makes white flour), stone grain mills grind the germ and the bran right into the flour. At right is a diagram of a wheat kernel that clearly demonstrates the three parts of the seed and what is contained in each.

Why Fresh?

As flour ages, it oxidizes. Oxidization transforms vitamins and oils from their nutritious forms so that they are no longer available to us when the flour is eaten. Vitamin E in wheat is pretty much gone from flour in less than 24 hours! Other nutrients take different amounts of time to diminish. Some properties of oxidized flour are favourable for baking bread-hence bleached flour.

Bleaching flour speeds up the natural oxidization of flour over time. Whole grain stone ground flour is better used quickly or stored in a cool place so that the fat in the flour does not go rancid and so that you can benefit from as many nutrients as possible.