Garlic Planting!

We have expanded our garlic plot this year to 4000! This might not be much to some of my farmer friends who plant much more than this, but for me to plant this many, means that we can at least start selling some next year for the first time.Β 

This year we were way more prepared having our own walk-behind tractor and a handmade dibbler to mark the rows AND the exact spot for each garlic clove to be planted in. Our dibbler made everything go by way faster. It took less than five minutes to mark a 200 ft long bed, just by two of us grabbing the handle on either side of the bed and walking it along behind us. The only thing we will change next year is the size of the dowels. We’ll replace them with a larger diameter so that every size garlic clove will fit in the hole made by the dowel.Β 

Check out some photos!