So what’s on the platters?

These are the main components of the platters shown in the photos. We also made duck confit rillette (a rough country style pâté) and a duck liver pâté, both of which are in the small white ramekens.

Salmon Roulade: Salmon mousse and a seared scallop wrapped in a salmon filet: gently poached.

Ballottine and Galantine: Mousse and vegetables wrapped in cornish game hen; baked in oven or poached in stock.

Duck and Pork Terrine: Seasoned ground pork and duck tenders with pistachios, black truffle, rosemary, orange zest and spice mix; baked in a terrine dish. 

Vegetable Terrine: Sautéed roasted red pepper, zucchini, oyster and button mushrooms and soft beluga lentils; layered and chilled in round molds.

Turned vegetables: beautifully hand cut carrots and cucumbers; lightly pickled.