Butter Making

Lots of random photos of this summer-I was too busy to post much before now!

Cob Oven #1 Floor

More photos of the oven-to-be. More to come. It’s been a busy week!

Rock foundation for Cob Oven #1

The oven foundation! We dug about two and a half feet into the ground and then started building up from there using field stones and gravel. We hauled rocks out of an old fence line and brought them by wheelbarrow load to our site! The ground was too wet to use any of our modern conveniences such as a tractor or truck to bring the rocks over.

Garlic Planting!

We have expanded our garlic plot this year to 4000! This might not be much to some of my farmer friends who plant much more than this, but for me to plant this many, means that we can at least start selling some next year for the first time.Β  This …

Organic Certification

This week at the market a woman came up to our booth and asked me why the farm wasn’t certified organic. She was concerned about accountability and the verification that being organic certified gives to her as a customer. I have now worked on two farms that don’t see a …