Spring time is finally here. In the past few weeks my first spring harvests have been jerusalem artichokes, wild leeks, and fiddleheads-all from different parts of the province. I love the fact that I didn’t have to do any work but harvest to obtain these crops. 

With spring I have been traveling. Just when I thought I would be settled, I uprooted myself from the farm I was supposed to work on and traveled north into the Ottawa Valley. The change in landscape amazes me. Rocky outcrops, small lakes and rivers, and bends up and down hills pop out of nowhere, challenging the large endless fields, great lakes and cities of Southern Ontario.

I was just speaking with a farmer today who asked me what I thought about the people and landscape here. He told me he asks everyone this and especially his wwoofers (volunteers on his farm) from different countries seem to love the friendliness of the locals and unique landscape.