About Us

Heather and Patrick have been farming and baking for six years now in the beautiful Ottawa Valley. Felix joined them three years ago 🙂

Heather is the baker. She develops the recipes, mixes the bread, shapes & bakes all of them by hand using all organic ingredients and many of them sourced locally, grown in Ontario or Quebec when possible!

Patrick has been integral to the business, building the new masonry oven, cutting firewood and many other tasks. Heather and Patrick share the task firing the wood-oven.

When not raising grass-fed beef, organic pastured chicken, garlic and baking bread they can be found outdoors playing with their son, ice and rock climbing, cross-country skiing, canoeing, hiking and many other activities!

• • •

Heather’s Hearth is committed to baking high quality, organic, naturally-leavened bread in a wood-fired oven, striving to use sustainably and locally grown grain and flour.