Our Bread

Handmade. Organic. Flavourful. Nutritious. Slow.

Just a few words that describe what our bread is. Our bread is made using four base ingredients: organic flour, water, salt and leaven (sourdough culture). From there we add a few other ingredients depending on the variety, but ultimately these four simple ingredients and how we put them together decide how delicious the bread will be.

We also use fresh stone ground flour in our bread. We have an Austrian Stone Mill that we use to mill flour. The flour is milled only a day before we use it, keeping it’s strength and nutritional qualities intact. Depending on variety the percentage of fresh ground flour ranges from 10 to 100 percent.

We purchase grain from three different farmers:

Castor River Farm, Metcalfe: Red Fife
Ironwood Organics, Gananoque: Red Fife, Rye
Sonset Farms, Gananoque: Spelt

Bread Varieties

Heather's Hearth Valley Sourdough

Valley Sourdough

Named for the Ottawa Valley where the bread is made, this is our classic sourdough. Mildly sour, soft and chewy it is available plain or adorned with sesame and flaxseeds. Great with soup, for breakfast, sandwiches or just butter!

Heather's Hearth Dark Rye

Dark Rye

For anyone who loves a dense loaf, and the distinct flavour of rye sourdough, this bread is made with 70 percent whole rye flour and 30% sifted whole wheat flour. Fresh ground rye flour from Ironwood Organics boosts the amazing flavour of this bread. Sliced thinly it is great with honey, cheese, and smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Heather's Hearth Ancient Grain

Ancient Grains Sourdough (Spelt and Kamut)

This bread attracts many with wheat or gluten sensitivities. It is made with whole Spelt and Kamut flours—both of which are ancient grains. Forgotten during the time of wheat breeding for higher yields, these grains are unique, have amazing nutrient value and sweet, but earthy flavours. This bread is made with 100 percent freshly ground flour!

Heather's Hearth Miche

Miche (Whole Wheat Sourdough)

Miche is a traditional loaf-round, flat, large (2 kg or more!) and made with high extraction whole wheat flour, meaning just a little bran has been sifted out. Half the flour in this Miche is freshly ground flour, a mix of hard wheat and Red Fife wheat. Don’t worry—if you can’t manage to eat 2 kg all at once, we sell this loaf cut in quarters.

Heather's Hearth Specialty Breads

Specialty Breads

Roasted Garlic, Seedy Cranberry, Walnut Raisin, Purple Cornmeal Rosemary are all variations of the Valley Sourdough recipe. Bursting with flavour, these breads are perfect for having guests over.