Day 2

“You are your knife!”


Chef Tony’s brother is a Vice Chancellor of a University in Australia. He has a million dollar home on the ocean. The kitchen is beautiful, with huge windows and a view of the sea shore. His brother asked Tony what he thought of the kitchen. Tony asked to see his brother’s knife. He couldn’t find it, but with a little searching he found it in the back of a drawer. Tony gripped the knife blade with his hand in a fist. HARD. His brother shuddered. 


“I can’t even cut myself with your knife. This kitchen is crap!”


It is evident I need to practice with my knife. It is the most important skill I need to develop. And I need to develop it quickly. It’s intimidating, but exciting. My new knife is large and beautiful and balanced and sharp. I’m learning how to keep it sharp. I want it. I don’t know where that opposite thought came from yesterday. I’ve wanted it for a long time but never knew it. I’ve been longing for it. I might have even started a love affair with my knife. It will be so intimately attached to me in the next three and a half months, it’s like a lover by my side. Get too close to it though, disrespect it, let it dull and it might stab me in the back. Like I said it could be dangerous.