Fuki-no-tou. “On the plate of Spring a bitter flavour flourishes” 

Fuki buds are an edible bud harvestable for a short time before the snow melts in Japan. They grow here in Vancouver (known as Japanese rhubarb) and we are lucky enough to use them tomorrow at school. Freshly harvested! It is the first vegetable product we’ve used at school that I can feel fully happy cooking. They will be fresh, bitter and delicious!

Our guest chef is probably harvesting them as we speak at The Sharing Farm in Richmond. It is part of Terra Nova Rural Park- a 27 hectare area in the CITY that is primarily agricultural land. I have yet to visit, but The Sharing Farm offers many courses and workshops on gardening, permaculture, chickens, wild edibles and more…Visit their website: http://sharingfarm.ca