We finally made blood sausage with the blood we froze from the pig slaughter earlier in the fall! We made a morcilla-style sausage. This Spanish version has pork shoulder meat added to it and the blood acts more like a binder instead of being the main event. We cooked them up for breakfast the next day. Very delicious!

Not the best photo, but this was delicious homemade split pea soup. Homemade chicken stock, homemade ham from the pig slaughter this fall, and homemade crackers with local flour from Castor River Farm. The ham we made was from the back leg, brined for about ten days in a mixture of salt, brown sugar, beer, bay leaves, juniper berries and black pepper. We then hung it in our garage for a few weeks before soaking it, boiling it and baking it. We ate the ham for weeks before using the last of the meat and the bone to make this soup. Best pea soup we’ve ever had! Take that Habitant!