A short film about a cheese-making dairy farm in BC. I went to culinary school with John Gattey, one half of Fed By Hand. The other half is his brother David Gattey. They have decided to mesh their two passions-food and film-making. A very touching and informative film. I’m looking forward to seeing their next episode. There is nothing cooler than seeing a herd of cows put out onto pasture for the first time in the spring!


Our first episode!  Filmed on-site at The Farmhouse Natural Cheeses in Aggasiz, British Columbia, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to George and Debra.  They are two vital parts to an equation that produces some of the best cheeses I’ve ever tasted (their cloth-bound cheddar and Alpine Gold are standouts).  The milk from the herd which George keeps happy and healthy travels barely 100 feet to the cheese-making facility where Debra takes over.  They are one of the only cheesemaking operations in BC, that I know of, where this is the case, and it shines through in their product.  We hope you enjoy their story.