The animal and plant life coming from all the death and destruction humans created in Chernobyl is amazing! It seems to show that just the presence of humans in numbers and concentration as great as we are in cities is more detrimental to nature as is a nuclear explosion. Take away the humans and all other life thrives! This is just part 1 of 5.

Signs of Spring

After a six month hiatus from the internet and then the next few not bothering to write, it’s been a long time since I blogged…The winter has been a jump back into full time jobs and adjusting to a different kind of life. Our new place is nestled into the …

Walk down the long stairway and shed your city worries. It’s hard to believe that five minutes down the cliff from a busy city there is the calm and tranquility of the ocean waves hitting the beach on the most western shore of mainland Canada. But there it is, nature pushed out as far away to the edge as possible.Β 

new growth out of old growth