all the trees are hers

In the next three week rush of school I am going to be busy. I need to focus on cooking while my thoughts are on spring and farming. Here in Vancouver it is truly spring. When the sun comes out (infrequently) there is no chill from remaining snow or below zero nights and the afternoons blare with blooming flowers and chirping birds. The cherry blossoms have been out in full swing and I walk under several of them on my way to school. Below a quote from Hawklsey Workman…it condenses spring into a few lines. As well, a couple photos of those trees by my house.

All the trees are hers

Tall and green and worst

To pollinate the cup butter


Even apple trees 

With reluctant worms

Can satisfy her needs for sure


And the rhubarb burst 

Through the dark rich earth

Makes the sweetest intermittent purr


And what is fallow now

Will come to deserve

Poetry’s most lovely words