Butter, cream, eggs, oh my!

Mother Sauces: the epitome of French cooking. Béchamel, Velouté, Tomato Coulis, Demi-Glace (or Espagnole) and Hollandaise. We have now accomplished all of them in two days. My stomach turned on Friday after eating the first three. The amount of eggs, butter and cream that goes into a few of them is staggering. Delicious though, I have to admit. And the eggs benedict we made yesterday was to die for. 

Mother sauce making has been paired with me getting a bike. On the weekend I biked all over the place just to get out of the house. The temperature was about +14C and it was only lightly misting most of the day. I saw a small coyote right on the streets of the city and the moon even managed to peek through the clouds that night.