This week features the letter ‘F’

Felting! Having discovered felting a couple summers ago I have started experimenting with it. Last week I also found a wool store very close to my house that contains the oldest carding machine in Vancouver. I bought some very colourful un-spun wool and a needle felting kit and started to go wild!ย 

Needle felting is done by using a needle that has barbs on it. You stick the needle in and out of the wool quickly in shapes and patterns to create a design on another piece of fabric.ย The barbs on the needle catch the wool fibres and tangle them together.ย The base that you felt onto can be felted wool or any other sort of fabric. I am using some wool felted made with a different technique using soap, water, piping and lots of time. ย 

Needle felting is really easy and the best part is you can be creative! You don’t need to follow a pattern like when you crochet or knit. Eventually my piece of felt will be a beautiful guitar strap.