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Winter 2023 Workshops

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Gluten Free Sourdough 101 @ 12 North St. Killaloe, ON

Sunday February 5th 1-4:00pm

$120+HST- ON SALE $102+HST until January 15th 2023
Max 10 participants

In this course you will learn how to take care of a sorghum sourdough starter (that you get from me!) and how to bake a GF sourdough loaf. This bread is flavourful, nutritious, slices well and can be frozen. It is not like the fluffy white stuff that you can buy in the store, nor is it so dense that it’s like a brick. It a perfect everyday loaf for those of you who miss bread!

What you’ll learn:

  • Full hands on instruction on how to bake a GF sourdough loaf (including modifications for your needs, re. allergies/sensitivities/preferences)
  • Full instruction on how to take care of a sorghum sourdough starter
  • Tips on where to find ingredients & tools for baking sourdough bread

What you get:

  • A sorghum sourdough starter to take home with you
  • Your very own GF sourdough bread baking ebook with recipe, method and lots of information, sourdough starter maintenance, the full method, resources & recipes
  • A gluten free sourdough loaf to bake at home
  • Watch a demo of baking your gluten free sourdough and gluten free sourdough cracker making (and help a bit too!)
  • Knowledge to help you kickstart your Gluten free sourdough baking journey!

Ingredients in the bread we will be making:

sorghum & buckwheat flour, arrowroot starch, GF oats, sunflower seeds, psyllium husk, olive oil, sea salt

If you need any ingredient changes please let me know before you sign up and I will see what I can do.

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

If you have any questions ahead of time please email me:

Link to sign up HERE

Once on the ordering site *Use the blue drop down menu to choose “Heather’s Hearth Sourdough Bread Workshops Winter 2023”


Sourdough Bread 101

Sunday March 12th Ma-Te-Way Centre, Renfrew, Ontario


$130+HST or come with a friend $190+HST

This workshop is a perfect intro and dive into baking sourdough bread. 

In this workshop you will go through the first half of the steps of mixing to shaping with guidance and hands on practice. Then you get to go home with your bread and bake it! The rest of the steps will be shown in a demo (scoring and baking). 

You will mix your own sourdough starter to take home with you and there will be lots of time for questions about anything that you need to know! I will walk you through all the steps that will be outlined for you in the ebook so that you have a good idea of how to do all of this at home on your own.

Included in the workshop:

A white sourdough starter

Ebook (28+ pages) with recipes, instructions, lots of info (option to purchase printed and bound booklet as well)

Loaf of classic white sourdough bread to bring home to bake

What we’ll do:

Mix your own loaf from beginning to shaping

Watch demo of scoring and baking

Watch demo of wholegrain sourdough cinnamon buns

Eat fresh sourdough bread, cinnamon buns & snacks/refreshments

I’ll teach you everything about the process of baking bread and answer any of your questions


Bring a friend and come at a discount. Each of you will get to bring home a sourdough starter and loaf of bread plus you will each get the ebook. BUT you will have to share a bowl and all the tasks (weighing, mixing etc) so you don’t get to do every single step. This shouldn’t make the experience inferior though-plus it is so much fun to learn with someone you know! 

If you are interested in this workshop and both payment options are too much for you please reach out- I could use one volunteer for the workshop plus I can accommodate one or two spots at a lower price. 

Link to sign up HERE

Once on the ordering site *Use the blue drop down menu to choose “Heather’s Hearth Sourdough Bread Workshops Winter 2023”



Do I have to know how to bake bread before I take a course?

No! You can be a complete and utter beginner! I teach you everything you need to know and you will go home knowing how to bake sourdough bread no matter your experience.

I have tried baking sourdough bread before with no luck…will this course help?

Yes! I have had multiple students take my course who have tried to bake sourdough bread before-either on their own with a cookbook or from the internet. They have gone on after taking my course to bake sourdough bread with much more success!

I haven’t been able to keep a sourdough starter alive or thriving before. Will this course help me do so?

Yes. I can give you a lot of information and knowledge to help you troubleshoot taking care of your sourdough starter. We spend a fair amount of time on this in both courses because it is the foundation of sourdough baking!

I want to learn how to bake sourdough bread with wholegrain flours? Do you cover this?

We talk about it in our workshops but this isn’t the main focus. If I ever develop a wholegrain workshop it will be on here and my social media outlets for you to find out about!