Have you always thought about baking your own delicious sourdough bread but weren’t sure where to start or whether you would be able to do it?

Look no further my friend, this is where you can come and throw all of your insecurities aside! I will help you figure out the details and encourage you to use your intuition to learn to bake sourdough with all of your senses.

Bread baking is a unique blend of art and science. There is no one way to do it and no wrong way either, but learning some of the basics goes a long way in creating that unbelievable loaf with a beautiful crusty outside and a buttery crumb on the inside.

I am offering a few different workshops that you can check out below!

I can’t wait to have you out to the farm and teach you how to bake bread.

To sign up scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find our online store.

Sunday July 7th- Mini-Intro to Sourdough Baking $80+HST, 1-4pm:

Learn the basics of sourdough baking at home. Watch Heather teach you how to bake sourdough. Get a chance to feel the dough at different steps of the baking process and get your hands in the dough.

What you’ll learn:

  • The basics of sourdough  bread baking from start to finish (mixing, shaping, baking)
  • How to take care of a sourdough starter

Go home with:

  • a sourdough starter
  • an extensive recipe/info booklet
  • a loaf to bake at home that evening

Delicious snacks and refreshments provided.

Sunday August 25th- Sourdough Simplified, $175+HST, 9am-2pm:

Come and get the full experience of how to bake sourdough bread. This course allows you to mix your own dough from start to finish, as well as learn how to troubleshoot and take care of your starter. This course is more in depth than the 3 hour intro course. Beginners are welcome and amateur bakers will also get something out of this experience.

What you’ll learn:

  • the workings of sourdough bread baking, from mixing, shaping, to baking
  • How to bake your bread at HOME
  • How to take care of your starter
  • about different flours & grains
  • baking various sourdough breads including classic sourdough, wholegrain & heritage grain bread, adding seeds etc to recipes

Go home with:

  • Various loaves of sourdough bread
  • A loaf to bake at home
  • Sourdough starter
  • Extensive recipe/info booklet
  • A lame (blade for scoring your bread)
  • A bench cutter & bowl scraper
  • New knowledge and excitement about baking bread!

Lunch and refreshments provided.

If you have any questions at all please contact me! I will be happy to help you:

Sunday September 15th -Garden Harvest & Pitas, $90, 10am-1pm

Come and learn to make pita bread plus make some dips & salads too. We will have a feast at the end! Before making everything we will tour the garden and harvest many of the ingredients FRESH from the ground. Gluten-free flatbreads will be available as well 🙂 This is the perfect quick escape to relax at the farm before school starts up again!

Custom workshops in your home! I can come to you. We can design a workshop based on your interests. Gather some friends to learn and have fun. Contact me for more info:

All of the workshops are held at Little Trickle Farm/Heather’s Hearth at 1646 Mineview Rd. Cobden, ON.

FULL PAYMENT is required upon registration to reserve your spot. Please inquire if you would like to pay with a payment plan.

Please Read our Cancellation Policy before registering.  This is necessary so we are all on the same page!

Heather’s Hearth Workshop Terms & Cancellation Policy


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