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Sourdough Simplified

Sunday April 7thth @ Heather’s Hearth (1646 Mineview Rd. Cobden, ON)


If you want to come as a pair- please email me directly to find out more about pricing and whether this option is available.

10am: Arrive and Welcome
10am-2:30pm: Course instruction, Breaks & Lunch
6 participants max.

Please read our Workshop Terms & Cancellation Policy HERE.

Come and get the full experience of how to bake sourdough bread in a small group. This course allows you to mix your own dough from start to finish, as well as learn how to troubleshoot and take care of your starter. We cover a lot in this time-it will set you up to bake a loaf at home with success.

There will lots of time to explore ideas and discuss questions and misunderstandings as they come up, as well as extra shaping practice & touching on adding more wholegrain flour to your bread.

Bread baking is a journey and hiccups are normal, however with a strong foundation you will know how to assess what went wrong and move forward! Beginners are welcome and amateur bakers will also get something out of this experience. We’ll also be enjoying a homemade seasonal lunch during the workshop!

What you will learn:

  • the workings of sourdough bread baking, from mixing, shaping to baking
  • How to bake your bread at HOME
  • How to take care of your starter
  • About different flours & grains
  • How to bake a classic sourdough as well as how modify it with extra ingredients (seeds, roasted garlic, cheese etc), and how to gradually add in whole wheat flour.

Go home with:

  • A baked loaf to take home
  • A loaf to bake at home
  • A healthy bubbly white sourdough starter
  • Your very own Sourdough bread baking ebook with recipe, method and lots of information, sourdough starter maintenance, the full method, resources & recipes
  • New knowledge and excitement about baking bread!

Lunch and refreshments provided.

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Do I have to know how to bake bread before I take a course?

No! You can be a complete and utter beginner! I teach you everything you need to know and you will go home knowing how to bake sourdough bread no matter your experience.

I have tried baking sourdough bread before with no luck…will this course help?

Yes! I have had multiple students take my course who have tried to bake sourdough bread before-either on their own with a cookbook or from the internet. They have gone on after taking my course to bake sourdough bread with much more success!

I haven’t been able to keep a sourdough starter alive or thriving before. Will this course help me do so?

Yes. I can give you a lot of information and knowledge to help you troubleshoot taking care of your sourdough starter. We spend a fair amount of time on this in both courses because it is the foundation of sourdough baking!

I want to learn how to bake sourdough bread with wholegrain flours? Do you cover this?

We talk about it in our workshops but this isn’t the main focus. If I ever develop a wholegrain workshop it will be on here and my social media outlets for you to find out about!